Alice Boman - Dream On (Cassette)
Alice Boman - Dream On (Cassette)
Alice Boman - Dream On (Cassette)

Alice Boman - Dream On (Cassette)

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"Dream On" is Alice Boman's debut album out the 17th of January. Pre-order the cassette version here and get your copy one week before release date. 

Artist: Alice Boman
Title: Dream On
Label: Adrian Recordings
Release date: January 17


1. Wish We Had More Time
2. Heart On Fire
3. The More I Cry
4. Who Knows
5. Don't Forget About Me

1. Everybody Hurts
2. Hold On
3. It's Ok, It's Alright
4. This Is Where It Ends
5. Mississippi

“It's a powerful feeling when you're in that world and you lose track of time,” says Alice Boman of the deeply hypnotic state she entered when making her mesmerising and long-awaited debut album, Dream On. This transfixed state is one that she also seamlessly plunges her listeners into. Her deeply textural, atmospheric and immersive sounds - coupled with her fragile yet engulfing and ethereal vocals - create something of a vortex that listeners are sucked in by. A world where ambient, dream pop and folk merge into a unique new form.

Photo by Märta Thisner
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