Andreas Tilliander - Show (CD)
Andreas Tilliander - Show (CD)

Andreas Tilliander - Show (CD)

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Format: Digipack CD album
Cat#: arcd 085
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2009

0. Hurting From the Lack of Bass
1. 909 Problems
2. Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow)
3. Gone (feat. New Moscow)
4. Stay Downer
5. No Fleetwood No Mac
6. Arlanda (feat. Jocke Berg)
7. Wasted Dance
8. She Don't Cry (feat. New Moscow)
9. Medicine (feat. Henric de la Cour & Familjen)
10. Spurs (feat. Martin Sköld)

Five years after the release of the smash hit World Industries Andreas Tilliander’s album Show was out on Adrian Recordings – stuffed with irresistible rhythms, catchy melodies and a sterling production, a blend of techno, dub, pop, acid and house.

With Show, Andreas Tilliander takes his music one step further. His dub influences have become more obvious and the sound is darker and crispier without losing the warmth.

David Fransson from Division of Laura Lee/New Moscow sings on three of the tracks, among them the melodic Caught in a Riot. Other guests include Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld from Scandinavia’s biggest band - Kent. Jocke Berg makes a rare vocal contribution, on the second single “Arlanda”, with another artist than his own band.

Other guests includes Swedish black magician Henric de la Cour from legendary band Yvonne and Strip Music and Familjen that finally finds a way to pay back to Andreas for all miles on the road. Both Henric and Familjen appears on the crawling Medicine where Familjen makes a rear contribution in English.

All excellent vocal contributions aside, this is a masterpiece and really shows the strength of Andreas’s role as a producer. The beauty is in the details. This is an album with many layers and that just grows on you. A dark dance album, for the floor or for the arm chair.