Andreas Tilliander - Showtime (Vinyl)
Andreas Tilliander - Showtime (Vinyl)

Andreas Tilliander - Showtime (Vinyl)

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Format: 12" vinyl EP
Cat#: ar12” 090
Label: Adrian Recordings

1. Stay King (feat. King Solo)
2. Medication

1. She Don't Cry (Minilogue's Inca Dub)
2. Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Erase Remix)

This is the second half of the story of ”Show” the 12” vinyl “Showtime”. A rock hard uncompromised dub/dub-step influenced EP with 2 new Andreas Tilliander tracks and 2 exceptional remixes.

Andreas has always been influenced by the smoky delay drenched work in the line of Agustos Pablo, ever since his first album, and following the traces you can see where this 12” comes from. But Andreas never stands still and now it is 2010.

The work with the EP begun when Andreas made a version of a well known Ace of Base track for the compilation ”Musiken vi hatar (The Music We Hate)”. He calls the track “Dub That She Wants” and writes in the liner notes – I did a psyched-out düb remix in traditional Lee Scratch Perry style and found out that any song can be interesting if produced in a suitable way. And I realized that the hate for the song helped me to focus on what I really want to do; experimental and electronic music.” His analogue delay echo was working overtime and his interest for dub influenced electronic music with deep basses and rusty chords flourished.

Interesting is that even the 2 remixes share a connection to the black, rainy, Jamaican delay world. Minilogue’s remix might not sound like that but listen to the original track and you feel the vibes and Erase’s remix can be traced straight back to the holy grail of dub techno - “Basic Channel”.

A1 - Stay King (feat. King Solo)
The NYC-rapper King Solo added vocals to the instrumental track ”Stay Downer” featured on the album ”Show” and Andreas recreated the track to a dance floor crawling piece ready for dark and small places.

A2 - Medication
The track started off with a remix of the track ”Medicine” from ”Show” but the bastard cut loose and walked a path where we don’t really are to follow. You can call it dub step. We call it düb.

B1 - She Don't Cry (Minilogue's Inca Dub)
Lovers of electronic music have been esteeming Minilogue for many years. Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine club music without these two musicians from Malmö, Sweden. After releasing outstanding productions on such renowned labels as Traum, Crosstown Rebels or Wagon Repair, their opus magnum “Animals” was released on Sven Väths Cocoon Recordings in 2008. We are proud to present a remix from these world stars knowing that their work not comes in quantities.

B2 - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Erase Remix)
“Caught in a Riot” was the first single from the album ”Show”. This is a fantastic deep secret remix from your new favorite - Erase.

In addition to this 12” Adrian Recordings also released ONE video done with BOTH tracks – ”Medication” and ”Stay King”. The video is mentally disturbing and totally disrespectfully done by the production office “Varelsen” that also is responsible for the now classic video to the track “Hitchhikers Choice” from Minilogue.