Björns vänner - Ni har stulit våra drömmar
Björns vänner - Ni har stulit våra drömmar

Björns vänner - Ni har stulit våra drömmar

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Format: Digipack CD album
Cat#: arcd 181
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2014
1. Svart på vitt 
2. Du vill inte nå fram till ditt mål
3. Print screen
4. Jaja, du är kär
5. När man är rädd
6. Stulit mina drömmar
7. Fjädrar, fjädrar
8. Åsa, Sandra, Katja - märker ni ingenting alls?
9. Idrott var inte nyttigt för mig
10. Här är din lön
11. Lite som Lou Reed

Björns vänner is up there among the legends of Swedish pop music sung in Swedish. We can only think of two artists that come near the feelings and emotions that Björns vänner give rise to; Bob Hund and Jakob Hellman. Björns vänner are indeed heroes in their own created universe. It’s the band on Adrian Recordings that has the most fanatic fan base, and even though the band had a break for many years, the crowd still grows.
In 2014 all of a sudden, news occurred.
For some, this news is the greatest thing to happen in seven years. Others don’t get it at all. We pin our hopes on a third category of people: those who have never heard Björns vänner but who may now open their hearts to the band, as it emerges from hibernation.
In the ears of many, Björns vänner already bear the mark of greatness, but their new EP and the coming album may actually be their best work to date, which is saying something for a band responsible for tracks like “Åkrar och himmel”, “Kvar på film” and “Vad ska jag med ett foto på dig?”, but we’ll let you judge for yourselves.