Boeoes Kaelstigen -  Commuting Colour (Vinyl)

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Commuting Colour (Vinyl)

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Format: 12" vinyl EP
Cat#: ar12” 067
Label: Adrian Recordings

1. Cecta
2. Radius

1. Cecta (Dumb Dan Remix)
2. Radius (Mikael Stavöstrand Remix)

Commuting Colour 12" was the long awaited sequel to the Pan European EP. The 12 inch vinyl features the tracks Cecta and Radius, with remixes from two of our favorite producers; Dumb Dan and Mikael Stavöstrand. Boeoes Kaelstigen spent months in the studio and traveling, producing in such diverse places as railbuses through southern Europe and faded hotel rooms in Pyongyang, to reach the perfect - in every sense of the word - melodramatic tone.

Music with a defined goal. Music to be heard on long trips through shimmering metropolises at dawn, and early mornings at barren clubs in ramshackle industrial states.