Boeoes Kaelstigen - Overcomes Love, Time & Space (CD)

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Overcomes Love, Time & Space (CD)

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Format: Digipack CD album
Cat#: arcd 192
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2015

1. Prologue
2. Be The Lights (feat. Name The Pet)
3. O_o (feat. Stax Osset)
4. Damm
5. Too Much (feat. Name The Pet)
6. Westend
7. Any Higher (feat. Asha Ali)
8. Our Story (feat. Vanbot)
9. Just Another Night
10. Buran
11. Détente
12. Segue (feat. Erik Cornell)
13. Finale

In 2010 the electronic duo Boeoes Kaelstigen released their post-apocalyptic debut album - Tanum Teleport - an album that received major waves around the world and among many praises received a Grammy nomination in Sweden. Now it’s time for the succeeder, and a new atmosphere is now painted on their patented space canvas - The Big Feelings. Technocratic concepts are now sharing center stage with stories about love. Even the instrumental tracks are filled with more depth and warmth than ever. The new works by Boeoes Kaelstigen mark a giant leap forward for electronically enhanced pop music.

The album is co-written with some of Sweden's most promising pop stars, Asha Ali, Name The Pet and Vanbot. The duo's fascination for futuristic production is represented by a pan-continental collaboration with Melbourne's most hyped artist at the moment – Stax Osset.