David Fridlund - White Van

David Fridlund - White Van

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Format: CD-EP
Cat#: arcd.s 031
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2005

1. David Fridlund – White Van
2. Sara Culler - Days That Can Be Ours
3. Joel Fridlund - Bluelipscold

"White Van" was the second single from David Fridlund's album "Amaterasu". A single that is an EP includes songs written and performed by Sara Culler and Joel Fridlund.

“White Van” is a gravely "on-the-road" track to rock round country lanes too. A song with the quality to have you moving along uncontrolled, and bopping too! We did no less that two brilliant videos to this track, one made by Anders Weberg and one by Petter Johannisson.

This was the first time Adrian Recordings released one of Sara Cullers' songs. Sara has always been in the background, singing on many of David & the Citizens' songs, eMiL Jensen's "Naken ner på knä" and teaming up with David Fridlund on most of the songs on his album "Amaterasu". "Days That Can Be Ours" is perfect lo-fi pop euphoria in the style of Cat Power on speed or Eric's Trip without the dude.

Joel is the brother of David and the man behind the tape machine while David recorded his solo album. "Bluelipscold" is a drunken Brian Ferry lying in the streets; elegant, sad but proud. This track is also released under Joel’s band name ” Late Mrs Eight” on the album ”Dear Adrenaline” out on French label ”T-Rec” (www.t-rec.org) .