David & the Citizens - Big Chill (CD-EP)
David & the Citizens - Big Chill (CD-EP)
David & the Citizens - Big Chill (CD-EP)

David & the Citizens - Big Chill (CD-EP)

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Format: CD-EP
Cat#: arcd.s 023
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2004

1. Big Chill
2. Let’s not Fall Apart (EP – version)
3. Everything You’ll Never See
4. Kellerman’s Song

It was supposed to be a spring EP. Four pop songs to run around a summer meadow to. Get to surrender to pop music again. But it didn’t happen. Somewhere it all fell by the wayside. It no longer felt relevant.

Somewhere, I think it was in Dresden, Germany, the pop music disappeared. Everyone in the band had different ideas about everything. In the end I could only consider “Big Chill” as a single because all I wanted to do was to shout and play distorted guitar.

That Matti ended up singing on “Big Chill” was really just a coincidence. With all due respect to Matti, we originally wanted Rickard from “Hell on Wheels” to sing it with David. Because he’s a good guy, because “Hell on Wheels” is a great band and because we know him. No-one in David & the Citizens has met Matti Alkberg. They didn’t even meet now when he recorded his singing. He did that in Luleå, and the band recorded everything in Malmö.

But Bear Quartet is, after all, one of Sweden’s best bands. We got hold of Matti’s email and he accepted. Bear Quartet is, in our opinion, best when they’re angry, fed up and exposed, just like “Big Chill”. You can say that “Big Chill” is the bridge between the former David & the Citizens and the David & the Citizens that was yet to come. One funny anecdote is that in the studio while recording “Big Chill” was Sporty Spice (Melanie C), we so badly wanted her to sing with the band but she was tied up by lawyers. The thought of us almost bringing Matti Alkberg and Melanie C together in one track is so thrilling.

The other 3 tracks was all considered to be singles from the "Until the Sadness is Gone"- album, but in the end they formed a better EP than being on the album. "Let's not Fall Apart" is here in the acid bath version, stripped down to the bones. Kellerman in “Kellerman’s Song” is private investigator Mike Kellerman, from the TV series “Homicide”.