David & the Citizens - For All Happy Endings (Vinyl)
David & the Citizens - For All Happy Endings (Vinyl)
David & the Citizens - For All Happy Endings (Vinyl)

David & the Citizens - For All Happy Endings (Vinyl)

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It's time for David & the Citizens classic debut album to get a proper vinyl release. Originally released in 2002 we are now celebrating it's 20th birthday this year. 
The issue comes in printed inner sleeve with lyrics and orange vinyl. 
The vinyl can also be bought as a bundle with the vinyl re-issue of the first 2 David & the Citizens EP's for only 400 SEK. See other web shop post. 

Artist: David & the Citizens
Title: For All Happy Endings
Cat#: ar12” 362

1 Birch & Aloe
2 Pink Evening
3 I’ve Been Floating Upstream Since We Parted 
4 Divine
5 Something, Not Sunlight 
6 Song Against Life
7 Belly Full Of Butterflies

1 Things They Hold So Dear
2 Hangin’ In The Air
3 Now She Sleeps In A Box In The Good Soil Of Denmark
4 Daydream With Dan & Mum
5 4th Of July
6 For All Happy Endings

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6MqkKsnp3AcvS9eIOZkS1K?si=MfL9K6IhRHKwT8HkneEVhg

This year it is 20 years since David & the Citizens released their debut album "For All Happy Endings" a fact that we are now celebrating by releasing it on orange vinyl for the first time. Now we can finally hear hits like "Now She Sleeps In A Box In The Good Soil Of Denmark", "I've Been Floating Upstream Since We Parted" and "Pink Evening" in new vinyl mastered versions. Music climate looked very different in 2002, band as David & the Citizens were able to tour all over and out in Europe, indie pop flourished with a steadily growing audience. David & the Citizens were one of the leading artists with their anxious lyrics mixed with euphoric intense pop songs, with diligent touring during the 5 years they were active, they acquired a very loyal fan base, which continues to this day.

I år är det 20 år sedan David & the Citizens släppte sitt debutalbum ”For All Happy Endings” ett faktum som vi nu firar med att för första gången ge ut det på orange vinyl. Nu får vi äntligen höra hits som "Now She Sleeps In A Box In The Good Soil Of Denmark”, "I’ve Been Floating Upstream Since We Parted” och "Pink Evening” i ny vinylmastrade versioner. Musiksverige såg annorlunda ut 2002, band som David & the Citizens kunde turnera hela landet runt och även ut i Europa, indie-poppen frodades med en stadigt växande publik. David & the Citizens va ett av förgrundsartisterna med sina ångestdrivande texter blandat med euforiska intensiva poplåtar, med idogt turnerande under de 5 år de va verksamma skaffade de sig en väldigt trogen fanskara, som håller i än i dag.