Emil Jensen - Emil Jensen (CD)
Emil Jensen - Emil Jensen (CD)
Emil Jensen - Emil Jensen (CD)
Emil Jensen - Emil Jensen (CD)

Emil Jensen - Emil Jensen (CD)

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Format: CD Jakebox album
Cat#: arcd 070
Label: Adrian RecordingsYear: 2008
1.    Så får du mig ändå
2.    Allt jag gillar upphör
3.    När vi kommit hem
4.    Förr eller senare
5.    Benen är läkta
6.    Hör dåligt fattar trögt
7.    Jag är van
8.    Hack i häl
9.    Ghana mot Italien
10.    Gått mig i blodet
11.    Undan
12.    Igen (Dolt spår)
This is the third full length album with Emil Jensen. Far too long time had passed since Emil was fully concentrating on the music but in the spring of 2008, two years after the releases of his preceding album, Emil finally went into the recording studio to record his third album. The focus was shifted and further challenges were coming. Emil is a notorious perfectionist with a large need for control and that was exactly what he needed to confront while putting Lars Halapi in the producers chair. Emil’s third album was recorded with a live band with the minimal of overdubs. Everything was based on the experience Emil has as a live artist. The goal was to find the perfect take and the perfect emotion to match that. The whole album was recorded in just a few days in Gula studion in Malmö where the band dug themselves deeper and deeper into something yet to be discovered. Emil found something there in the caressing studio environment that is impossible to explain. All emotions. All presence. The album is called “Emil Jensen”, it’s self evident.
The first track to be unleashed from the upcoming album was the naive and romantic single “Så får du mig ändå”. With this track in his pocket he went on another big summer tour. This time it was Lars Winnerbäck that invited him to join his already star populated tour. Together with Winnerbäck, Miss Li, Maia Hirasawa, Markus Krunegård and more, they did over 25 shows all over Sweden.