Emil Jensen - Maj förra året (CD-EP)
Emil Jensen - Maj förra året (CD-EP)

Emil Jensen - Maj förra året (CD-EP)

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Format: CD-EP
Cat#: arcd.s 046
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2006

1. Maj förra året
2. Gått mig i blodet
3. Familjen Himmel
4. Där stigarna tar slut (Tommy-remix av Familjen)
5. Maj förra året (Resa till Italien-mix av Slagsmålsklubben)

This was the second Single from the album ”Orka då” from eMiL Jensen. In classic Adrian Recordings’ manner we thought that we should give you something more than just a single. We took the opportunity to make a real ad hoc EP. An EP that opens up eMiL Jensens career and stretches the boundaries of his artistship.

“Maj förra året” is the track that has been most motioned in reviews of the album, and yes it is memorable lyrics. “Gått mig i blodet” is right now considered the best track Emil ever recorded, and it has strength and edge. “Familjen himmel” sounds like something David Lynch would sync to a deserted forest; and it is also the only track released featuring his first solo band.

Just to put two remixes on an eMiL Jensen release is quite offensive. My guess is that there is a crowd out there that can’t stand this; maybe I’m prejudiced towards his fans but…as always just listen. Do you like it? If no!? oh… Well… All others; take your car or bike and drive around with those in your ears