Emil jensen - Mellansnack
Emil jensen - Mellansnack
Emil jensen - Mellansnack

Emil jensen - Mellansnack

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Format: Digipack CD Audio book
Cat#: ISBN: 91-976251-5-9
Label: Hör Opp
Year: 2006

1 Innehållsförteckning
2 Polygami
3 Sponsrad dikt
4 Välkommen till världen
5 Spår
6 Hiphop-pianoballad
7 Puss och kram
8 Vad som egentligen skiljer människan från andra djur
9 Att kyssa Alf Svensson
10 Fantasi
11 Senil olydnad
12 Brevet till J.O
14 Grå tinningarnas charm
15 Interaktiv dikt
16 Sår
17 God konspiration
18 Ensam optimist

“Emil is a number of great personalities in one skinny frame. If you’ve seen Emil, you’ e seen the world!” /Mikael Wiehe

MELLANSNACK is Emil Jensen’s debut audio book where he delivers some of his best spoken-word hits from past years.

MELLANSNACK comprises interim conversations from concerts and radio chronicles (P3) blended together with stand-up comedy, lie-down tragedy and poetry. Naturally some of the materials that made Emil both Swedish and European Poetry Slam Champion are included in the book.

MELLANSNACK was recorded live at Café Barbro in Malmö during two October nights in 2006.