Emil Jensen - Orka då (CD)
Emil Jensen - Orka då (CD)

Emil Jensen - Orka då (CD)

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Format: CD album
Cat#: arcd 044
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2006

1. Maj förra året
2. Spelar stor roll
3. Inte vackrast i världen
4. Jorden runt i motvind
5. Syster
6. Jag har vaknat i naturen utan att ha en aning om var jag är
7. Sudditjuven
8. Hur lyckliga kan vi bli
9. Tror du det
10. Sländornas dag

This is the second full length album with eMiL Jensen. Prior to this release, Emil endured a very difficult period of his life. As a result; he tried to make a record that could comfort, not only him, but also his listeners. It is a record of deep melancholy but there is also lots of faith. The record is pervaded by the feeling of holding on to life, the struggle of keeping others to hold on, loose your guard and stand honest in front of life, love and your nearest; and not be afraid to be pretentious.

The record takes you on a musical and lyrical journey over calm, beautiful and mysterious landscapes and villages. It tells you subtle stories about people and meetings. Sometimes with words but also with combining sounds and instruments in unholy marriages. The organic meets the machines on a poetic and political manifestation. If eMiL Jensen is a Swedish singer songwriter then he lives in the future and is a true pioneer.