Familjen -   Det snurrar i min skalle (CD)

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle (CD)

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Format: Digipack CD album
Cat#: arcd 049
Label: Adrian Recordings/Hybris
Year: 2007

1. Nu händer det igen
2. Det lilla livet
3. Det snurrar i min skalle
4. Det vet du
5. Nån gång
6. Hög luft
7. Huvudet i sanden
8. Kom säger dom
9. Första sista
10. Vad du vill

This is the first album from Familjen a true classic.

Familjen attacks you with his debut album “Det snurrar i min skalle”. No summer midnight party will be the same after this one. We literary had sweat dripping from the ceiling at the release party, and everybody that has experienced Johan live, with Familjen, knows what we are talking about. Let the sun rise to Familjen. Unite the nation with this bitter sweat head shaker. Take on your biggest tank top and head for the tables. Close your eyes, sweep away. Let Johan’s sometimes melancholic, but always direct and hard hitting, SMS lyrics, linger in your mind, while your legs do the moving.