Familjen -  Familjen EP (CD)

Familjen - Familjen EP (CD)

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Format: CD-EP
Cat#: arcd.s 043
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2006

1. Ivanhoe & Rebecca
2. Ja / Nej
3. Hon är fin
4. Hemmaplan

Another legendary debut EP from Adrian Recordings. Familjen is Adrian Recordings’ demon producer. Responsible for many tweaks the last years, but this is at his best. When he just don’t give a damn and just brings us himself with power, groove and something almost close to warmth and tenderness. Johan is more a listener than a musician. He tries to do it as simple as possible; just adds a single melody and a groove and lay back and listen. As we all know the heart in the music doesn’t come from loneliness, it comes from the love of loving it and intensity; Johan has got it all. He’s got The Feeling! He brings life to the electronics, lets the synth speak and lets all his friends be a part of it.