Familjen -  Huvudet i sanden (CD)

Familjen - Huvudet i sanden (CD)

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Format: CD Single/Remix album
Cat#: arcd.s 059
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2008

1. Huvudet i sanden - Album version
2. Huvudet i sanden - Kasper Bjørke Remix
3. Feber - Krazy Fiesta Rmx
4. Huvudet i sanden - Featuring Adam Tensta
5. Det snurrar i min skalle - Mike Downey Remix
6. Huvudet i sanden - Perfume Uniform Remix
7. Hög luft – The Field Rmx
8. Det snurrar i min skalle – pluxus Remix
9. Det snurrar i min skalle - Boeoes Kaelstigen's Tri Tub Remix
10. Huvudet i sanden - Tomi Kiiosk Remikksi
11. Feber - DJ Wool Remix
12. Huvudet i sanden - Kid in the Air Remix

This was the last single from the album that took Familjen to the big scenes. “Det snurrar i min skalle” made Familjen one of the most interesting artists in Sweden. To finish it off we released the last single “Huvudet i sanden” together with no less than 11 remixes, from the top of the smorgasbord.

We let Johan Söderberg make a video for the track. The last one won a Grammis and we payed him 2000 SEK for that one, so we really wanted to give him free hands on the sequel. And we where not dissapointed. This video is another scary masterpiece.

2. Kasper Bjørke - The danish super star!

3. Krazy Fiesta - Party crew responsible for the amazing “Lip Gloss” remix

4. Adam Tensta - The savior for Swedish Hip Hop!

5. Mike Downey - This American prodigy living in Stockholm puts a German beat to it. So international.

6. Perfume Uniform - Acoustic guitars in electronic music? But of course! Excellent dreamy version.

7. The Field - Best selling debut album on Kompakt says it all. 2007 was The Fields year all over.

8. pluxus - Familjen-Johan says this sounds like if you have smoked too much weed and just lie there vomiting your guts out. Nice one!

9. Boeoes Kaelstigen - Already a legendary remix on the dance floors. Straight from STHLM subway. More than one have pointed these guys the future of techno.

10. Tomi Kiiosk - Hässleholm - Finland. Well yeah? Why not!

11. DJ Wool - One half of NYC party machine The Glass. Glen Brady - king of the skate board, booze and hustle.

12. Kid in the Air - Admit you love euro dance. But this is not.