Familjen - Mänskligheten (CD)
Familjen - Mänskligheten (CD)
Familjen - Mänskligheten (CD)

Familjen - Mänskligheten (CD)

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Format: Digipack CD album
Cat#: arcd 102
Label: Adrian Recordings/Hybris
Year: 2010

1. It began in Hässleholm
2. När planeterna stannat
3. Mitt bästa
4. Djungelns lag
5. Viggo
6. Vinter i april
7. Socker
8. Det var jag
9. Vems lilla hjärta flyger
10. Man ser det från månen
11. Bethnahrin

This is the second album from Familjen.

While much has happened since the "Det snurrar i min skalle” epidemic spread, the groove, drive and the sudden impulses are just as knock-out this time. Take the maxed out Motown drums and distorted bass on upcoming single "När planeterna stannat". It screams attention and once again drag us out on the dance floor.

This combined with Familjen’s love for the grandiose, sounds from far out places and the beauty in the single tune from a vintage synth and you might actually get something that tells you something about – Humanity!