MANX - WATER (Slim jewel case CD single)

MANX - WATER (Slim jewel case CD single)

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MANX is leading us through the WATER in a digital landscape. A beautiful and heart healing third single that's both warm and chill. It is soulful pop blended with the finest electronics. She dares to dance across unexpected genres and cultures, with a habit of messing around with both pop cultural framework as well as the expectations of listeners.

MANX’s new single "WATER" will be available to stream and on slim jewel case CD. limited to 100 copies. 

​​1. WATER

During the pandemic, MANX read a lot about Buddhism, which blended into her lyric writing. In WATER, a lesson is processed that obstacles you encounter on your way do not disappear because you hide from them. Worrying about letting life happen gets you nowhere. The protection from the emotions due to the fear of flooding is not really protection. To be washed away with the tide, to gently loose control, it might be worth following along.

Hurting but hopeful, the song paddles forward, showing the way into MANX's metaphorical river of emotional problem-solving. 

MANX invites to a celebration of everything “too much”, inside a fruitful, weird ass jungle of experimental modern day trip-hop.