MF/MB/ - Colossus (Vinyl)
MF/MB/ - Colossus (Vinyl)
MF/MB/ - Colossus (Vinyl)

MF/MB/ - Colossus (Vinyl)

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Format: Vinyl album
Cat#: ar12" 145
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2013

1. unto death
2. art & soul
3. passing complexion
4. the worst dreams
5. casualties

1. cocktail kid
2. i am an entity
3. the chant
4. our next rendezvous
5. you were the last one to do such a thing

This is the second album from MF/MB/. The vinyl version. Also available on CD.

MF/MB/'s second album "Colossus" was recorded live during a few intense spring days in 2012, at Christoffer Lundquist's isolated, rural recording studio together with Mathias Oldén from Logh who had previously worked with such artists as The Hives, Radio Dept. and Mattias Alkberg. It was then mixed by Magnus Lindberg, who had also done the mixing for the Deportees, David Sandström, Totalt Djävla Mörker and Refused.

On "Folded" our anger and frustration were directed outward towards all the bastards who didn't understand. On "Colossus" we look inward instead, hoping to get answers to all the things we don't understand. On "Folded" we were drawn into darkness; on "Colossus" the darkness is drawn to us. This record is the product of MF/MB/'s baptism of fire. The sound of a colossal creature that's realized it isn't immortal, and just because of that carries more weight than ever before.”
- MF/MB/, October 2012.