MF/MB/ - Folded (CD)
MF/MB/ - Folded (CD)
MF/MB/ - Folded (CD)

MF/MB/ - Folded (CD)

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Format: Digipack CD album
Cat#: arcd 105
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2010

1. Seconds Away

2. Tune On
3. The Grande Chase
4. The Fine Detail
5. 1000 Times
6. Folded
7. The Window
8. A Beautiful Sigh
9. Heat Like This
10. The Big Machine
11. Every Cool Band

This is the debut album from MF/MB/. The CD version. Also available on vinyl.

MF/MB/ is rock music that wants to be techno, techno that wants to be rock music, Ian Curtis jamming with Jean Michel Jarre. MF/MB/ is from Malmö/Stockholm, founded in Bollnäs. It’s Victor Nilsson, Joakim Lindberg, Sebastian Hedberg, Christine Björk and Erik Nilsson, making the best music they know.