MFMB - Sugar (Vinyl)

MFMB - Sugar (Vinyl)

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Artist: MFMB
Title: Sugar

Label: Adrian Recordings

Detta album är utgivet med stöd av Statens Kulturråd. Tack för det!

Following on from the release of their much-loved and critically-acclaimed sophomore LP ‘Colossus’ way back in 2012, ‘Sugar’ sees the outfit return to their dark and driven alt-rock aesthetic with sheer vigour and finesse. With a more democratic approach to their writing, with all members contributing to the sound and feel of the record, this new collection sees the group revitalising their formative direction and rebrand it for a contemporary ear.

Ending this decade-long hiatus, the members of MFMB have still remained extremely prolific throughout the last few years. With many pursuing their own personal projects and guitarist Joakim Lindberg becoming one of Sweden’s most in-demand producers, working with the likes of Hey Elbow, Spunsugar, This Is Head, and many more, now is the time to see the group return to the head of the pack as they plan for new material to come over the next few months.

MFMB are:

Joakim Lindberg (he/him) - guitars
Vic Narin (they/them) - vocals
Christine Björk (she/her) - vocals
Kristoffer Bäckström (he/him) - drums
Erik Nilsson (he/him) - drums
Sebastian Hedberg (he/him) - bass