MF/MB/ - Your Suitable Glitter (Vinyl 7")

MF/MB/ - Your Suitable Glitter (Vinyl 7")

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Phonogram: 7” Vinyl & Digital
Cat#: ar7” 163
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2013

1. Your Suitable Glitter
2. Acids

1. Your Suitable Glitter (Noe Spagato Remix)
2. No Greater Sin (feat. Noe Spagato)

In Malmö lives a man who calls himself Noe Spagato when he makes music. Not much is known outside the borders of Malmö City about neither him nor his music. I Malmö, he’s a legend. He lives in a synth park, DJs at all the underground clubs you dare enter and used to organize rave parties in the woods with thousands of people far away from civilisation. The prelude to MF/MB/s second album ”Colossus” was the remix-album named ”Colossus Premixed”. A remix-album released before the original album. Of course we wanted him on it. Noe Spagato is a hard man to reach; he has no phone, but we knew he works as a mailman. So we had to stand on the street and hope he came by, which he did, and a few months later he came with the remix on a cassette tape. As soon as we heard the result we knew we wanted to do more with his involvement. This EP is in much the result of that.

The title-track was recorded at the same time as the other songs on ”Colossus” but we thought it would work better as a satellite. It’s a damn near erotic DAF-wallop made for hypnotic dance. The second track ”Acids” was also recorded alongside the other tracks on ”Colossus” but this version is an acidic bath in comparison to the original, a paper-thin punch to the face. We wanted to put Noe Spagato’s remix of ”Your Suitable Glitter” on vinyl and here it is together with ”No Greater Sin” where Noe Spagato is behind the electronics.

A perfect sequel to one of the greatest albums of the year.