RA - Bloodline (Vinyl)
RA - Bloodline (Vinyl)
RA - Bloodline (Vinyl)

RA - Bloodline (Vinyl)

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Format: 10" vinyl EP
Cat#: DS008
Label: Double Sun
Year: 2013

1. Bloodline (03:00)
2. Black Flower Flesh (04:23)

1. Sea (03:35)
2. Cult of Silver (05:24)

RA was founded in Malmö the autumn of 2012 by Simon Minó, Erik Blondell, Felix Mårtensson, Martin Nilsson and Anton Gustafsson. After two appreciated demo-songs on youtube and a bunch of live shows the work with their first EP began in the soon legendary Malmö studio ”Studio Möllan”. "Bloodline" is a 4-track EP that will be released June the 12th by the record label Double Sun. The songs is mixed and produced by Joakim Lindberg from the band MF/MB/. It resulted in a ghotic psychadelic-trip, you could here references like Spacemen 3, Bauhaus, Singapore Sling etc. Its like aggressive psychrock.