Sharif - Slumber (CD)
Sharif - Slumber (CD)
Sharif - Slumber (CD)
Sharif - Slumber (CD)

Sharif - Slumber (CD)

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Format: CD Album
Cat. No: arcd 001
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 1999

1. Blissful

2. Nowaday’s I Taste Fire

3. Splinters of a Wreckage

4. Early Dawn

5. Adaptation

6. Yearn

7. Driving + Smoking

8. Lullaby to Em

9. Asystole #6

10 .The Origin of Losing Affection

The recording of Adrian and Sharif’s first album took place in Malmö in 1999 under extreme pressure. All the members of the band dealt with personal problems of different character and the sessions were almost chaotic sometimes. Lots of alcohol but there was also times of still, sole beauty. The album turned out this way and that’s probably the only way it could have sounded. The music is from the darker region of the mind without being dull. The melodies are shaped to focus on the reflective lyrics and when you think you understand everything a violin or a trumpet undefines your impression. Sharif knew by that time who Mark Kozelek and Nick Drake were but they hadn’t forgot the alternative 80´s with bands like Sonic Youth and Einstürzende Neubauten. Other favorites by that time were The Velvet Underground, Tindersticks and Eric’s Trip. If you then add some jazz drumming and some soul voice improvising, you should be able to guess what the album sounds like.