Surf Philosophies - St Tropez Gossip (Vinyl pre-order)

Surf Philosophies - St Tropez Gossip (Vinyl pre-order)

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Surf Philosophies are a safari band. A roadtrip up and down the coast. Their music is loose and observational. Holiday snaps and tourist treasures from gas station gift shops. 

This is Surf Philosophies second album called St Tropez Gossip. It can be pre-ordered here on vinyl and delivered at least one week before release date.

It will be released the 7th of Feb 2020 preceded by this schedule based on 7.

7 November: Single 1: Ryan
7 December: Single 2: Constant Change
7 January: Single 3: Do U Do It Wrong
7 February: Album: St Tropez Gossip
7 March: Amah (Acoustic version)



1. Ryan

2. Do U Do it Wrong

3. Constant Change

4. Sherry Pear

5. Thrown Into the Sea


1. Saint-Tropez Gossip

2. See What I See

3. Each Step

4. Amah

5. Good Slush