Surf Philosophies - Surf Philosophies (Vinyl)

Surf Philosophies - Surf Philosophies (Vinyl)

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Artist: Surf Philosophies
Title: Surf Philosophies
Fonogram: 12" Vinyl Album
Released by Adrian Recordings
Release: 2017-01-20

1. Bonecrusher
2. Coconut Parfume
3. Iranian Boys/Baptism
4. Come In In The Feeling
5. Raveyard

1. Higher Education
2. Cave Boy
3. Two Sundays
4. How To Surf
5. Fleshsuckr

This is Surf Philosophies debut album.

Surf Philosophies are first and foremost a moving picture. Taking a cue from the original Neural Surfer Tom Blake, questions are asked and answers are given.

What does making music look like?

How long do we wait for songs?

Is the same song the same the second time around?

Only by turning pages and flicking through channels and swiping the screen do we finally get a grip on the ungrippable. Surf Philosophies make music by finding sounds in the Great Pacific garbage patch. No sound unloveable. No song unsingable.

Hailing from the pirate coves and Press-ganging ports from around the world..A love hate education of sailors law has formed all understanding of the world. Like the crew of the Pequod, only able wits and crude fighting skills have enabled the skimpish remains of this ship to survive.

A love of sea shantys, drunken knees-up, lonesome ocean ballads, rhythmic working songs, hymns and island jams..Surf Philosophies combine all flotsam and jetsam to provide a new modern soundtrack to the symbolic practice of watching the seas.

All songs are songs. And singing is the noble art of letting go and saying nothing. Melodies and harmonies, dissonance and silence, all words are sung as if they are saying what anyone wants to hear. There is no insistence on preaching or proclamation. We hear what we want to hear.

Surf Philosophies don’t care what you think.

We are the seagulls squawking for food,

We are the whales singing for the ocean,

We are the sharks mistaking surfers for seals.