Svart katt - Svart katt (12" splatter vinyl)
Svart katt - Svart katt (12" splatter vinyl)

Svart katt - Svart katt (12" splatter vinyl)

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Few life signs have been as long-awaited as new material from the Swedish punk band Svart katt. Now the wait is over and we can finally listen to new sounds. The 11th of November their second self titled album is released digital and on beutiful white and pink splatter vinyl. 

Artist: Svart katt
Title: Svart katt
Katalognr: ar12” 376
Label: Adrian Recordings

GenrÈ: Punk, Post punk

1. Allt går över
2. Du var så bra
3. Pallar vad som helst utom oändligheten
4. Tänk om vi vetat då
5. Ingen sorg
6. Tills vi ses igen
7. En film

1. Ha dig kvar
2. Allt och ingenting
3. En andra chans
4. Allt är okej
5. Blygråa dagar
6. Tankar snurrar
7. Inte ensam

Svart katt is the punk band that doesn't really identify with the punk scene. Despite that, few Swedish bands have been so respected for their honesty, sincerity and rawness. Everything that defines punk. Svart katt is equally at home on stage at a classic punk hook, in Germany as in Sweden, and their previous records are available on cassette in Malaysia and France.

The lyrics, just like before, are often about sadness and loss, and about love. It is the singer and guitarist Johan who writes the lyrics, based on personal experiences and what burns the most when he writes them. It can just as easily be current as something that happened further back.

Johan says: "One thing I've written about since we started and even now is loss, because if you've lost someone, it's always present. In everything you do and everything that happens, someone is missing. Missing and love are probably the most common topics, and sometimes it's the same thing. It's very personal, but that's why it also becomes more universal. At some point it will be relevant to everyone."

Detta album är utgivet med stöd av Statens Kulturråd.