This Is Head - 0001 (CD)
This Is Head - 0001 (CD)
This Is Head - 0001 (CD)
This Is Head - 0001 (CD)

This Is Head - 0001 (CD)

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Format: CD album
Cat#: arcd 096
Label: Adrian Recordings
Year: 2010

1. 0009
2. 0007
3. 0002
4. 0011
5. 0003
6. 0008
7. 0012
8. 0013

0001 sounds as much like the wet streets around Möllevången square in Malmö as they do any spacious warehouse in Brooklyn or deserted parking garage in a remote part of Düsseldorf. Their curiosity has placed them anywhere and nowhere. They are as eager to consume new and old things as any blog, club or DJ out there. They have grown without any blinders on, while at the same time honing their sound in their own studio, within their own universe. They have built their songs and their confidence in themselves without feeling any pressure. They never thought of a song with the idea of sounding like Yeasayer joining up with the drummer from Neu! in an effort to play unreleased songs by U2 just so they could be mixed by Dan Lissvik from Studio and then be released by Touch & Go. That just happened.