Toi Let - Toi Let (Vinyl-EP)
Toi Let - Toi Let (Vinyl-EP)

Toi Let - Toi Let (Vinyl-EP)

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Artist: Toi Let
EP: Toi Let

1. One In A Time
2. Sweden Rock
3. Leatherman
4. Give Me Back My Man


1. Leatherman (towLie - LeatheRman RemiX)
2. Leatherman (Behrangs Getting Yelled At @Hardwax Remix)
3. Leatherman (DÖDEN Remix) 


Toi Let has been around a while now, but the upcoming EP is the first one on Adrian Recordings. Now they are ripe. The members are also members of other Malmö bands like YAST, Nightmen, Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments. Bands that maybe has gained more attention but this has only made Toi Let better and stronger. In the shade, Toi Let has silently grown and melt together as a group. They are somewhat outcasts that choses to spend endless hours in the rehearsal place just to play together. This has resulted in an EP that is headstrong, monotonous, boundless, humorous and uncompromising. In addition and in parallel, the upcoming EP will also be released on vinyl by the electronic label Spazio Records, also containing 3 remixes of this particular song "Leatherman". It is a new dimension to the band and a natural part of their kontext. It’s all eclectic. It’s all Malmö and Norra Grängesbergsgatan.